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MICR toner is a specialized type of magnetic laser toner ink which is used to print secure check data. This data is called the “MICR line”, located at the bottom of the check, containing check routing numbers, account numbers and the check number itself. Bank check processing machines are standardized to read and verify MICR ink through magnetic MICR reading technology.

While MICR ink was first used primarily by banks and check printing centers in specialized MICR printers, MICR check printing is becoming more common. Today, MICR check lines may be printed using most standard home or office printers. Printing checks and deposit slips is easy for small businesses and individuals, thanks to the widespread availability of MICR cartridges and check printing software.

Standard Office Printers Which Can Print MICR Check Lines

Any printer can print MICR check lines, provided it is properly equipped. Nearly all major printer brands manufacture printers which may be equipped with MICR ink cartridges to print checks. These printer brands include: Apple Dell Brother Hewlett Packard (HP) Lexmark Konica Minolta Pitney Bowes Troy Canon IBM and Xerox.

Most of these brands’ printer models can be equipped to print MICR. This includes a wide range of printer models, from large floor standing office printers to small, in-home printer scanner copiers. The determining factor in whether or not a printer is capable of MICR printing is whether or not cartridges are manufactured for the specific printer model.

How to Equip Printers to Print with MICR Toner

In order to print MICR data on checks, a printer must have:

  • Check printing software
  • Special MICR fonts
  • Blank check paper
  • Compatible MICR toner cartridges

Check printing software and blank check paper are easy to acquire. Most standard home/office accounting software programs, such as QuickBooks and Quicken, have check printing software included. Blank check paper can be purchased from most office supply stores and online office supply vendors. Finding MICR fonts and MICR toner cartridges for your printer, however, is slightly more challenging.

When looking to purchase MICR fonts, search reputable office supply stores for MICR E-13B font packages. These packages are also available from vendors and manufacturers specializing in fonts, scanners and specializing printing accessories. MICR cartridges are sold by many specialty online ink cartridge vendors and office supply stores. When looking to purchase cartridges, it’s important to find cartridges which are 100% compatible with your printer brand and model, but it’s also important to pay attention to quality. OEM cartridges are often very expensive, and purchasing aftermarket or off-brand toner might be a good alternative, as long as the MICR cartridge manufacturer holds high quality standards.

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