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We live in a modern society, where cutting-edge technology is found just about everywhere. Many individuals and businesses have even found ways to enjoy the convenience of printing their very own checks. This flexibility has allowed them to add personal touch on their own customized checks at a fraction of the cost of ordering them pre-printed. In addition, they can save more money and time as they no longer buy or wait for their banks to deliver a fresh box of checks.

The most important or vital piece of a check is the ability of banks to perform the automated process of reading, sorting and encoding the check number, routing number and account number. This is accomplished using MICR Technology. MICR Toner adds an extra degree of security to the checking process. In many cases, fraudulent checks were detected because the criminals neglected to use MICR when printing their bogus checks. Even Airlines, event ticketers and the insurance companies have found useful ways to use MICR Technology to improve security in their industries. So, it is possible that you may have witnessed MICR Technology outside of the banking industry without realizing it.

Have you ever wondered how the automatic scanning of checks works? This is all made possible by the presence of magnetic particles in the toner used in the printing of the set of characters, called the MICR line, found at the bottom of your checks. Traditional ink or toner just won’t do the job. This is a job for MICR. MICR toner contains iron oxide, a chemical additive that contains a metal component. This special toner is the reason bank machines are able to automatically process your checks.

MICR Toners aren’t available for just any printer. The iron oxide components make it very difficult to formulate the ink used in an ink jet printer. For that reason, it is much more common that MICR checks are printed on a laser printer. The most common brand used in MICR printing is Hewlett Packard. HP MICR cartridges are readily available in both genuine and compatible models. But keep in mind, to avoid poor print, rejected checks or damaged equipment, buy your MICR Toner from a reputable online MICR toner supplier.

While there are specialized and modified MICR Printers on the market, you can print MICR checks with your standard HP mono laser jet printer. All you need is a MICR toner designed for your specific model and you’re ready to print. MICR Toner is available for many of the HP models. You may also find MICR toner for your Lexmark. You will have a difficult time finding the proper toner for check printing if you own a Brother or Canon printer. Many current HP models can be found for under $300, including the HP Laserjet P2035 at around $199.00

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