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Laser printing is a high quality method of taking digital data and making it into a hard copy. First discovered in the early 1960s, this printers hit the market in the 1980s and continue to be an extremely popular type of printer. Laser printers offer high quality reproductions of text and graphics in black and white and color alike.

What sets these printers apart is the xerographic technology used to apply the ink to the page. Using a laser beam, the digital image is projected onto an electrically charged drum that rotates. Originally coated in selenium, the rotating drum inside a modern laser printer uses organic photo conductors. By controlling what areas of the page are exposed to light and which to dark, laser printers use a heating process to sink the ink thoroughly into the paper.

Other printers use impact methods of attaching ink to paper. Inkjet printers, for instance, propel ink droplets at paper to make prints. While other types of printers receive information from the computer slowly and print only when adequate data has been provided, laser printers receive the computer information in one go. This makes laser printing much, much faster than other technology.

The fastest ones in the world can print 100 pages per minute in color or 200 per minute in monochrome! These massive, speedy printers are used primarily for mass mailings such as bills and advertising. Living in the twenty-first century, it is easy to forget how recently something like printing out a dozen pages would have been a hassle. Technology has developed and the use of personal computers has become both humdrum and essential.

Back in the 1980s, when laser printers were first being used in offices around the world, a single home and office printer could cost over $3000 and could hardly print simple black and white graphics! Plus, it weighed over 70 pounds. That’s hardly handy for the home and office!

Today, you can get a similar black and white printer for well under $100. These affordable printers can provide both black and white and color copies with acceptable graphic quality. For slightly more, it is easy to find a printer to meet all home and small office needs for a price that won’t break the bank.

Laser printer technology have developed and changed over the years but for over forty years they have been the very best printing has to offer. Today, a laser printer is a great choice for home use. All over the world, this high quality type of printer is used to print to do lists, birthday cards, fliers and much more.

Originally introduced in a business environment, laser printers continue to be very popular in small businesses as well as mega corporations. The quick speed and high quality of printing that this technology provides has yet to be rivaled.

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Contact Printer Support Number for Help with your Printer Check This Website

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