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A wide range of computer accessories are now available in different price brackets. The sheer number of different models and features can be quite confusing for the consumer. Printers and ink cartridges are a good example of this with every home and office having their own unique requirements.

An informed buyer knows a printer should be economical, produce high quality prints, consume less ink and should not be a burden on the pocket. Consumer forums are full of complaints about the prices of replacement cartridges and advice on how to re-fill them instead. Selecting and comparing prices, checking model compatibility and finding the most competitive store to purchase replacements requires time and effort. Then there is the journey to the store it’s self. Now, however, thanks to the relentless pace of innovation there is a third alternative- CISS.

CISS stands for Continuous Ink Supply System and the benefits over the conventional ink re-filling or replacement cartridge systems are very attractive. A CISS system, once purchased and installed into the printer is a onetime investment. It saves you from the toil of regular cartridge replacements and the fear of unfinished print-jobs due to running out of ink. CISS is suitable for home and office use, it gives you the freedom to print as many pages as you want without the need to monitor ink consumption or replace cartridges. You no-longer need to visit the store several times in a month. The associated printing costs can be as many as 20 or 30 times less per document compared with a traditional cartridge system. You can print digital colour photographs, pictures, greeting cards, documents, presentations, brochures and anything else you want without any loss of quality. The CISS kit for any CISS compatible printer consists of

1. Exterior Ink Tanks.

2. A multi-channel cable for the ink that runs through the front cover of the printer directly to the cartridges.

3. Cartridges fitted with special chips for automatic replenishment.

The process is quite simple, the CISS system provides a continuous supply of ink to the print head from the exterior ink tanks provided with the kit. Since you never need to remove the cartridges and replace or re-fill them and then clean the print head, time-consuming pauses in large print runs can be avoided.

The CISS (Continuous Ink Supply System) is also known as CFS (Continuous Flow System) and AIRS (Automatic Ink Refill System); a bulk feed ink system or an off-axis ink delivery system. If you go to Google and do a bit research you will be surprised to calculate the cost per printout delivered by the different cartridge systems. For instance, the price of an average Epson printer is almost equal to its compatible cartridge.

CISS systems exist for printers such as Epson, Brother, HP, Canon and others. You can print as many pages as you want because your CISS will never give a low-ink or empty cartridge signal and this is because the CISS chip always commands the printer to give the print out even if the ink level is crucially low. All you need to do is to get the re-fillers for your CISS.

Contact Printer Support Number for Help with your Printer Check This Website
Contact Printer Support Number for Help with your Printer Check This Website

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